geteduloan is formed by a team of professionals with varied experience in finance, education and other domains. geteduloan has partnered with various banks and financial institutions in order to facilitate funding fees for education, so that parents of many deserving students are able to afford better education for their children to secure their future.

geteduloan offers solutions for payment of school fees to parents of students, repayable in easy EMIs, across a large number of cities in India through its partnership with leading banks and financial institutions as well as, with some of the leading boarding schools, day schools and other financial institutes.

Who we are

We at geteduloan, believe this problem could be addressed through an innovative mechanism that provides the necessary financing to the parents, that not only eases the cash flow situation of the parent but also provides an opportunity to admit their ward at better schools / Colleges and Other Institutions.

Our Vision

To create an enterprise that enables parents to provide quality education to their children while we, as an organization preserve integrity, excellence and respect which are the cornerstones of high quality education.

The Team

The founding team consists of experienced professionals, with a collective experience of more than 75 years. Having managed large teams in multi-cultural settings, the founders have a rich experience in the areas of finance, education, private equity and infrastructure. This team of highly motivated individuals aims at steering the organization to satisfy customer expectations and fructify the company’s mission.